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We are poised to take advantage of the unprecedented human resource windfall of the Baby Boomer and beyond generation. 

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Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Encore Innovation Fellows Tom Rademacher is seeking out stories about people doing great work in their Encore years. He's one of Grand Rapids more well-known writers and storytellers.

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“Our society is shifting to a new place where people of a broad age range are blending together in fresh and exciting ways. I can only hope for more of this in Grand Rapids!”

Jane Royer, Encore Innovation Fellow

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Meet our newest innovation fellow

Shannon Cohen will be focused on community education and leading sessions in untapped audiences to encourage new connections to the Encore Grand Rapids Network and organizations working in the movement. She'll work to educate affinity groups and organizations across Kent County on the importance of finding meaningful work and harnessing the value of individuals 50+. She's also helping us develop a plan for reaching a more diverse set of individuals. 

About Encore

Encore is a burgeoning national movement created to tap the skills and experience of those in midlife and beyond to improve communities and the world. Encore sets out to define this new stage of life. An Encore can combine work, service and social impact.

Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Encore is leading the way in Kent County by seeking to inspire individuals in their 50s and beyond to engage in meaningful work and service that makes a difference. In addition, we seek to challenge organizations in our community to pave the way and increase their capacity for experienced talent by identifying innovative pathways and opportunities for service.

Inspiring Innovation

We’ll identify our community’s best practices. How can we build on the collaborative successes that already exist and leverage them for an even greater impact? Let’s work together to determine new and existing opportunities that contribute to the community good and create a better future for the generations to come.

Building Capacity

We’ll find connections—those paid and unpaid opportunities in which the talents and experience of people in midlife and beyond can flourish. We will serve as a hub and a resource for leaders of profit and nonprofit organizations that share the Encore vision.

Raising Awareness

We want to make sure everybody knows about the vast population of people that are active and healthy with extensive skill, knowledge and life experience. We’ll tell their personal stories here. These stories challenge conventional thinking about aging and begin a new narrative that speaks to individual renewal and social impact.

Get Involved

Let’s start a community conversation about life after traditional retirement! We want to help shape this new life stage that offers the freedom to work differently and contribute in new ways. We strive to link the individuals and organizations in networks and communities throughout Kent County that support and sustain continuous learning and improvement.

For Individuals

You are a vital source of talent that can benefit our community! However you choose to ‘Encore’, there are opportunities across Kent County. We will highlight resources here to aid you in realizing and claiming your own Encore. Did you know that if only five percent of today’s population chose encore service, Kent County could gain up to 80,000 person-years of benefit?

For Organizations

Community institutions in the public, nonprofit and private sectors can contribute so much to our collective understanding of how to harness this unique workforce and offer opportunities for service. We have so many challenges in our education and healthcare systems, in our environment, government and on our streets. Is your organization ‘Encore-friendly’ and interested in building capacity?

Tell Your Story

Please share your insights, ideas and experiences with us. The power of personal stories is profound—they give issues a human face and demonstrate what we can accomplish together. What purpose drives your future? We know these conversations are already happening in coffee houses, brew pubs, chamber meetings, churches, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs all around our community. How are you sharing your talent, skill and time?

Upcoming Events

Apr 13

Taste of AARP

You’re invited to attend a “Taste of AARP”. Please join us for this informational event and learn about all the ways AARP is making an impact in West Michigan and how you can be a part of it.  

“Taste of AARP”

Thursday, April 13, 2017, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Kroc Center, 2500 S. Division, Grand Rapids, MI  49507

AARP Michigan is looking for people who are interested in using their skills and passion to make a difference.  Your efforts can have a real impact in your community and across Michigan.

We engage hundreds of volunteers to fight against fraud, advocate for the rights of older adults, protect Medicare and Social Security, and provide resources to help people with financial resilience, health security and personal fulfillment.

AARP Michigan invites you to learn more about what we’re doing in West Michigan.  Please join us for a complimentary luncheon as we share more about our volunteer opportunities and exciting member activities in West MichiganCome join the fun!

RSVP by calling 1-877-926-8300 or register online at:

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We want to raise the visibility of individuals and organizations taking innovative approaches to achieving the Encore vision in our community. How are you realizing your Encore vision?


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