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ENCORE OPPORTUNITY: Be the Go-To for Encore!

We are busy building the Encore movement here in Grand Rapids and our Encore Network is taking hold. Each time we meet as a network, new members join the mix as we expand and diversify our reach throughout Kent County. The challenge is that each time a new person steps in, they are unfamiliar with those already in the network as well as events -- both current and past -- that are shaping our network's identity.

We’ve discovered the need for a few network members to be the Go-To for newcomers and help them to feel a part of our Encore movement.

Our Need:

A team of Encore Network enthusiasts who will be the designated Go-To individuals for new Encore Network members. This group of Encore leaders will be on call to answer questions, meet and greet, and help individuals get integrated into the network so that everyone gets the most out of the experience. The position is perfect for those with an interest in furthering our movement for engaging people in the second half of life in fun, fulfilling and purposeful activities.


  • Regularly attend meetings of the Encore Network
  • Stay current on Encore activities, events, and messaging
  • Be open to welcoming people as they want to be welcomed. (This could include answering questions through emails, phone conversations, or having one-on-one meetings if that is preferred.)
  • Get to know the individuals and help them understand and feel comfortable participating


  • Passionate about the opportunities available in the second half of life
  • Knowledgeable about the Encore Network in GR
  • Dedicated to creating an inclusive Encore Network
  • Comfortable engaging with new members in a way that works for them
  • Willing to participate on a team
  • Able to use discretion representing Encore in a professional manner


  • Opportunity to work on a team to build the Encore Network for maximum impact in Kent County
  • Chance to make new friends and professional contacts
  • Opportunity to inspire others to contribute to the Encore Network and broader community
  • Option to explore new coffee shops (or breweries)
  • Will receive perks and incentives from Encore!

If this volunteer opportunity speaks to you with your relationship-building and networking skills, contact me at jroyer@grfoundation.org to further discuss the opportunity and get started!

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