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Retiring But Still Itching to Contribute? Maybe This Duo Can Help!

Penny Shuff worked most of her professional career in journalism. 

Jim Fisher spent more than four decades in scrap metal recycling. 

Who better to lead you into the Encore chapters of your life?! 

Through their long-standing associations over the years, this twosome has fine-tuned the ability to cultivate relationships. And they’re banking on that and more as they launch a new business together called “Second Act,” dedicated to matching skills and talent with job opportunities where wisdom and experience count for something. 

Looking to transition from full-time employment into a flex role? Want to job-share with another? Seeking a hybrid solution to work that will allow you time with both the grandkids and your bridge club? 

Enter Second Act, a fledgling enterprise primed to reach out to thousands of retirees and those thinking about it who live in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and nearly a dozen other surrounding counties in south-central Lower Michigan. 

“I spent as much time in the community and non-profit sector as I did in my career,” says Jim, who holds an MBA from Harvard University and not only directed recycling initiatives but boasts a long list of credentials as entrepreneur, mentor and an expert in workplace development. 

“We see ourselves as relationship builders…and matchmakers,” says Penny, who hails from the Detroit area and worked as a journalist for local, state, regional and national radio and TV programs that took her all across the country. 

The two see themselves as coaches ready to embark on a new sport that stars seniors in transition who are hungry for a chance to carry the ball in wholly  different ways, men and women who have had a first career but aren’t finished contributing to the workplace and their communities. 

“You’ve got this explosion of longevity,” says Jim, nodding to the fact that seniors are living longer than ever before in history. Add to that the startling fact that every day in the U.S.. some 10,000 individuals are turning 65.  

Calling Baby Boomers a “generation of learners,” Jim and Penny are convinced that a growing workforce is emerging from people in their 60s and older who might have tried retirement or are mulling it, but are looking for more than just a lounge chair or lunch at the club to fill and fulfill their future days. 

“All of a sudden,” says Fisher, “you’ve got this gem of an asset. The challenge is how are we going to utilize them?” 

Acknowledging that “we’re creating solutions as we go,” the pair believes their “secret sauce” relies on the ability to listen to individual needs and then plug them into the demand for work that matches their wants and needs. 

Because their effort is just getting off the ground, they make no bones about “needing some guinea pigs” and then testing the market with candidates as they simultaneously reach out to employers big and small seeking posts to fill in creative ways. 

What they’ve heard so far from employers?  

“We want to meet people.” 

Bottom line? If you want to meet someone, too, who might be able to make your next phase of work-related dreams come true, Second Act might be worth a visit. 

For more information, contact Jim Fisher at jfisher@padnos.com or (231) 750-4123; or Penny Shuff at penshuff@gmail.com or (312) 208-2706.


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